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Knowing Swimwear. 


SMALL FIELD SWIM started with the desire to find a functional & supportive yet minimal style swimsuit. Working with material which ensure that the environmental impact is kept to a minimum.


We found there was little available which suited beyond CUP D and have therefore set out to expand the offer for women with bra size ranging from C to F cup. 


SMALL FIELD SWIM stands for empowering and flattering shapes with a modest but modern body coverage. 

We believe in nonseasonal swimwear which works for active lane swimming just as well as lazy summer days on the beach. 


SMALL FIELD SWIM is made from re-cycled and re-newable material. Produced in Italy. Read more here.





Team & Name


The idea and concept of SMALL FIELD SWIM have been developed by Kati Kleinfelder, a London based Product Developer, Textile Designer and avid swimmer. With lots of support and help from family and friends.


SMALL FIELD is the translation of Kati’s surname and we like that it relates to products that are organically and consciously ‘grown’.







Ruth Kleinfelder - Wholesale Coordinator 


Peter Cline - Logo Design


Nathalie Pelet  with Caroline and Lym - Photography Vienna


Michael Garnett & Cathrin Walczyk - Photography Scotland

Rafaela Mileo  - Photography UK, Botany Bay 

Maximilian Salzer & Sophie Nawratil - Photography Croatia 


Fit Models - Chris, Valia, Nicky, Dagmar, Hannah





Ilenia Arosio - Photography


Mattia Maestri - Photo Assistant


Snadis Birta @facebybirta - Make Up Artist 



Akon @akon.deng.visions

Elesha @dr.elesha

Jessica @jessica_vivienne